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Most of our members are from Vermont but many hail from New York, New Hampshire, Canada and beyond. Since we are a volunteer organization our locations vary throughout the state.  

President—Dan Walton
Vice President—Joy Ellis
Secretary—Lynn Roberts
Treasurer—Michael Biddy

Ray Adams
David Aho
Muriel Farrington        
Deane Southworth
Marge Thurber

Advisor to the board:
Ken Scatchard

Newsletter Editor & President Emeritus: 
Muriel Farrington

Deane Southworth

Past Presidents

1981 Stephen Holtz
1982 Stephen Holtz
1983 Harvey Cohen
1984 Harvey Cohen
1985 Harvey Cohen
1986 Bud Provin
1987 Marsha Hall
1988 Harvey Cohen
1989 Harvey Cohen
1990 Judy Mirro
1991 Judy Mirro
1992 Judy Mirro
1993 Judy Mirro
1994 Steve Johnson
1995 Steve Johnson
1996 Jon Winter
1997 Bill "Bing" Bingham
1998 Cy Young
1999 Cy Young
2000 Peter DeCota
2001 Peter DeCota
2002 Ted Hall
2003 Ted Hall
2004 Ted Hall
2005 Jim Dooley
2006 Muriel Farrington
2007 Muriel Farrington
2008 Muriel Farrington
2009 Bud Provin
2010 Muriel Farrington
2011 Muriel Farrington
2012 Muriel Farrington 
2013 Ken Scatchard 
2014 Ken Scatchard 
2015 Ken Scatchard 
2016 Dan Zee
2017 Dan Zee


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